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About Us

Advanced Machine Tools (AMT) is a distributor of CNC cutting machines and related parts and services based in Suwanee, Georgia.

AMT’s MultiCam Southeast division is one of the largest MultiCam distributors in the United States, with over 500 machines sold since 1998.  Beginning in 2023, AMT expanded and enhanced its metal fabrication product line by becoming a regional distributor of HSG fiber laser machines. AMT provides professional consultation services, training classes, local service & support, tooling, and accessories that serve the woodworking, metal fabrication, plastic fabrication, sign manufacturing, composite, solid surface, and HVAC markets, among others.

Here’s What AMT Has to Offer:

  • MultiCam and HSG CNC Machines
  • Five Cutting Technologies: Router, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and Knife
  • Technology Center
  • Consultation Services
  • CAD/CAM Software
  • Tooling and Supplies
  • Accessory Systems
  • Training Programs
  • Local Service and Support

MultiCam CNC Machines
MultiCam Southeast offers MultiCam CNC machines that can deliver the quality, service, and support that our customers demand of us.  MultiCam offers routers, plasma, waterjet, and knife machines.  We are the authorized MultiCam distributor for Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and eastern Tennessee.
Customers buy MultiCam CNC machines because they are:

  • Easy to use
  • Feature rich
  • Competitively priced
  • Built-to-order in Dallas, Texas
  • Dependable productivity solutions
  • Backed with a substantial warranty
  • Easy to service
  • Supported by local technical support engineers, backed by factory resources in Dallas, Texas

HSG Laser Machines
AMT is proud to offer the full line of HSG CNC laser cutting machines. HSG CNC laser machines are easy to use, feature-rich, competitively priced, easy to service, and supported locally by our technicians. We offer metal-cutting machines for cutting sheets and tubes of all sizes, including 5-axis bevel cutting, along with automated material handling options.
AMT offers 30+ kinds of HSG machines that are suitable for a wide variety of metal fabrication applications, including:

  • Sheet metal laser cutting machines
  • Sheet & tube laser cutting machines
  • Tube metal laser cutting machines
  • Bending machines
  • Laser welding machine
  • Automatic loading & unloading equipment and pallet racks

Technology Center
At AMT’s Technology Center near Atlanta we house MultiCam and HSG machines that are used for client application engineering, demonstration, and training purposes.  You are invited to visit us and our Technology Center to determine how CNC technology can help your manufacturing process and overall business production process.

Consultation Services
The decision to automate or upgrade existing automated technologies leaves product manufacturers at risk of potentially making decisions that do not meet their unique short and long term requirements.  Based on this fact, AMT will provide you with a need analysis custom tailored to your specific production requirements.  Additionally, a production system will be designed and implemented on your behalf.  The production system or upgrades to existing systems are based on the discussions that are stimulated by the need analysis.  Consultations about specific software, hardware, fixturing, or other techniques that apply to your manufacturing requirements will be provided.

CAD/CAM Software
MultiCam machines use an open software architecture that works with a wide variety of graphical design and manufacturing software.  AMT is proud to be a value-added reseller of industry-leading CAD and CAM software packages.  We can select the right software for your manufacturing application, install and integrate systems, and provide training.

Tooling and Supplies
AMT maintains one of the largest inventories of carbide router bits, tooling, and supplies for CNC manufacturing in the southeast.  AMT carries top-quality brand names like Onsrud Cutter, Belin Y, Techniks, and Whiteside at competitive prices.  AMT can also supply valuable application advice on correct tools, feed rates, and spindle speeds for all your manufacturing needs.

Accessory Systems
AMT is able to provide complete solutions for the CNC manufacturing environment.  We provide dust collection systems, material handling equipment, and cooling fans, among other products.  These are provided to fit each customer’s particular needs for improving safety and productivity on the shop floor.

Training Programs
Classes both before the sale and after the sale are available to manufacturers and their production staff.  Our training classes are tailored to the customer’s specific application requirements.  Common topics that are covered are safety around CNC machinery, basic machine maintenance, tooling and application, cutting fundamentals, and software application.  Other subjects include: part manufacturing, fixtures, simple die making, inlay, 3D carving, routed signs, material optimization, and more.  Classes are available at AMT facilities or can be scheduled on-site at the customer location.

Local Service and Support
AMT prides itself on providing timely in and out of warranty service for MultiCam and HSG products in the states of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and eastern Tennessee.  AMT maintains a replacement and repair parts inventory for machines.  With a quick telephone call to AMT, a service call can be scheduled to repair your MultiCam or HSG CNC machine.

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The AMT Difference
Focus.  AMT specializes in CNC cutting tools and closely-related products such as vacuum pumps, dust collectors, fume extractors, and CAD/CAM software.  Our customers depend on our expertise before and after the sale, and our focus enables our employees to achieve a depth of knowledge in CNC cutting applications that is unmatched in the industry.

Top Quality Merchandise
AMT is proud to represent MultiCam, HSG, and our other fine vendors, each of whom we have carefully selected based on our experience in business since 1998.

AMT offers CNC machines based on five different cutting technologies: routers, plasma, waterjet, laser, and knife.  Because of this, we can offer our customers an objective opinion of which cutting technology is best suited for their application.

AMT Mission Statement

  • Furnish state-of-the-art products manufactured by world-class companies that maintain high standards of quality.
  • Operate a profitable, value-added, customer-oriented machine tool distributorship.
  • Consult and provide manufacturing and systems knowledge that meets or exceeds our customers’ specific and future requirements.
  • Understand that our customers will appreciate us if we can increase their productivity with trouble-free manufacturing solutions.
  • Strive to always offer our customers unparalleled service, support and training.

Company History
Advanced Machine Tools was founded in 1998 by Adam Sebran.  Prior to starting AMT, Mr. Sebran had a long, successful career in marketing and sales for a variety of technology companies, including Bell & Howell, Thompson Audio-Visual, and Ametek Inc.  In his role as Vice President of ScanVec Inc., a maker of computer-aided manufacturing software, Mr. Sebran studied dozens of manufacturing applications and requirements in the wood, plastic, composite, and metal fabrication fields.  He found that manufacturers required consultative assistance with applications, computing, software, tooling, and integration, delivered with high levels of professionalism.  Mr. Sebran viewed this need as a business opportunity and opened AMT.

From the beginning, AMT was established as a MultiCam “Technology Center.”  It provided local sales, service, and support for MultiCam’s line of CNC routers.  AMT augmented its MultiCam product line with a range of accessories, software, and tooling in order to be able to provide integrated solutions for its customers.  AMT quickly established its reputation as a service and solution provider.  With Mr. Sebran’s passion for working with people, ability to solve manufacturing requirements, and in depth knowledge of the necessary disciplines, AMT grew quickly.

By 2006, AMT had grown into one of the world’s largest distributors of CNC cutting solutions.  As MultiCam’s product line expanded to included CNC plasma, laser, and waterjet machines (in addition to CNC routers and knife machines), AMT began to provide solutions to a much wider variety of manufacturers.

After leading the company for eight years, Mr. Sebran decided to sell the company in June 2006.  The new owner and president, Mark Balloun, came to AMT after a 20-year career as a professional manager.  Mr. Balloun was delighted to join AMT because of its growth potential, its excellent reputation with its customers, and because of his interest in manufacturing applications.

In January 2011, AMT began operating as MultiCam Southeast to better reflect its primary business as a distributor of CNC machinery made by MultiCam, Inc. of Dallas, Texas.  The company’s ownership and management remained the same.

In 2016, MultiCam Southeast expanded its coverage area to include the state of Mississippi.

In 2023, AMT dramatically expanded and enhanced its metal fabrication product line by adding the full product portfolio of HSG Laser, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of CNC fiber laser machines and related equipment. In recognition of this expansion, the company returned to its original name of “Advanced Machine Tools”, with MultiCam Southeast continuing to operate as one division alongside the new HSG line.

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