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Kongsberg and MultiCam Celero Digital Finishing Systems

Cutting Tables for POS Displays, Signage, or Packaging Production

We are proud to be an authorized distributor for Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems as well as MultiCam Celero brand digital cutting machines. Our systems provide easy to use cutting solutions for packaging, POS display, and signage applications. Our digital cutting tables come with a range of specialty tools that offer speed, power and flexibility to handle a wide variety of materials: corrugated, folding carton, solid board, foam, wood, ACM, and a long list of plastics. Smaller footprint Kongsberg cutting tables are ideal for packaging sample making: quick and accurate mock ups speed up your design and approval processes. Our cutting tables for POP and corrugated production have the power it takes to finish POP displays and corrugated items quickly and accurately. Kongsberg and Celero cutting tables for signage are available with many types of tool heads, including milling/routing and a camera system. A wide range of printed materials can be cut, routed and creased with perfect results. Kongsberg cutting tables are available in some very large sizes and have automation options to boost productivity.

MultiCam CNC Routers

If you have ever purchased an SUV type vehicle, you may have wondered…should I get one based on a truck chassis or car chassis? Both are multi-purpose SUVs, but they are optimized differently. Similarly, in the digital finishing world, you can buy a multi-purpose machine that cuts graphics and routs rigid plastics, aluminum, and wood. But which should you choose…a CNC router with a graphics-cutting knife system on it, or a graphics cutting machine with a router spindle? We offer both. Our MultiCam Apex router systems offer a heavier-duty CNC router-based platform with a full array of knife and graphics-cutting options. And our Kongsberg and Celero digital finishing systems offer high-speed knife and graphics cutting capabilities with router options on a lighter-duty frame optimized for graphics work.

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CNC Digital Finishing Systems

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