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EnRoute Software

MultiCam Southeast is proud to be an authorized retailer of EnRoute CAD/CAM software.

EnRoute makes things easy. Continuing to be the most versatile professional CAD/CAM software, EnRoute delivers innovative solutions for fast, efficient and precise results. EnRoute stands out among other CAD/CAM software packages because it combines state-of-the-art technology into tools that are easy to learn, master and operate.

EnRoute enables you to create what you imagine with the most powerful tools in the industry. Professional creative design is possible inside EnRoute with the powerful text tool, vectorization and editing tools – meaning no other art design software is needed.

EnRoute enables you to be more productive with your equipment in less time with features tailored to save time, save materials, or both! EnRoute puts tools in your hands you never imagined possible before. Save precious time and material and become more profitable.

EnRoute enables you to carve your own niche in the market by being creative with texturing and 3D sculpting tools. The cliché “your imagination is the limit” can’t be more true.

EnRoute’s Rapid Texture™ feature allows you to create 3D textured surfaces in a fraction of the time is takes to create traditional 3D textured surfaces by using larger tools with bigger off sets. And for this type of texture, no bitmaps or 3D surfaces are required. You start off by selecting the contour on which the texture is based and then adjust a few parameters to produce amazing results. You can create a virtually limitless selection of surfaces using this feature.

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