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Her-Saf CNC Router Bits and Tooling

Advanced Machine Tools is proud to be an authorized distributor of Her-Saf brand CNC router bits and tooling. We have carried Her-Saf products since 1998 and maintain a substantial inventory of Her-Saf insert cutters and router bits. Our employees are trained to provide our customers with expert advice regarding Her-Saf tooling selection. We have several CNC routers on site at AMT’s technology centers where we perform test cutting.  Shop for Her-Saf CNC router bits and insert cutters in our online store today.


Her-Saf’s screw-on design allows the router bits to be changed quickly and easily. Just screw off one cutter and screw on another. The arbor acts as a positive stop, ensuring the same depth of cut when changing cutters. Most of Her-Saf’s cutters have a reverse helix, or downward shear, for clean cuts. The open throat design cleans out the dado/groove as it is being cut. High grade micrograin carbide is used for extending the life of the cutter and expanding its uses. Her-Saf router bits are available in a wide array of sizes . undersize and oversize and in-between sizes.

Her-Saf router bits are being put to work on CNC machines, door machines, hand held routers, panel routers, inverted routers, mortising machines, and the list continues to grow.

Her-Saf router bits are being used to cut hardwoods, plastics, wood, solid surface materials, layered materials, special surfaced plywoods, processed wood materials, aluminum, and more.

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