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MultiCam CNC Digital Finishing Systems

Router or Graphics Cutter?

If you have ever purchased an SUV type vehicle, you may have wondered…should I get one based on a truck chassis or car chassis? Both are multi-purpose SUVs, but they are optimized differently. Similarly, in the digital finishing world, you can buy a multi-purpose machine that cuts graphics and routs rigid plastics, aluminum, and wood. But which should you choose…a CNC router with a graphics-cutting knife system on it, or a graphics cutting machine with a router spindle? MultiCam offers both. Our Apex router systems offer a heavier-duty CNC router-based platform with a full array of knife and graphics-cutting options. And our Celero digital finishing systems offer high-speed knife and graphics cutting capabilities with router options on a lighter-duty frame optimized for graphics work. Please call us if you are interested in investing in a CNC digital finishing system!

MultiCam Apex and Celero systems provide easy-to-use, programmable, cutter/router solutions for both small and large businesses alike. With an extensive list of standard features and available customizable options, each system is built to ensure your business gets the right cutter for your application and investment. Manufactured in our Dallas, Texas facility, each machine is extensively tested prior to leaving the factory to ensure longevity and uncompromising quality for the life of the cutting system. MultiCam is supported by a global network of experts which encompass 60 Technology Centers around the world as well as Sales and Service Representatives in over 100 countries. Training, service, support, and machine demonstrations are always within reach. Start by browsing our systems below, or contact our sales team to find the perfect solution for your application.

MultiCam CNC Digital Finishing Systems

CNC Digital Finishing Systems

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