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MultiCam CNC Laser

AMT is proud to offer the full line of MultiCam CNC laser cutting machines.  We are the authorized MultiCam distributor for Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and eastern Tennessee.  Our customers prefer MultiCam CNC laser machines because they are easy to use, feature-rich, competitively priced, built-to-order in Dallas, Texas, easy to service, and supported locally by our factory-trained technicians.  AMT has hundreds of happy customers using MultiCam CNC machines…please call us if you are interested in investing in a CNC laser!

Cutting with a four thousandths beam of light is the latest technology Multicam has brought to market! This technology also takes advantage of the EZ Control system MultiCam has refined over the past two decades. The 2000 Series is an extremely versatile and affordable laser system. Able to raster engrave and vector cut in one CNC process, the 2000 Series is perfect for cutting a wide variety of materials including plastic, wood and light gauge ferrous metals. When machining acrylic, the laser both cuts and polishes the edge in the same pass eliminating secondary operations and saving valuable production time.

Laser Applications

  • Plastic parts fabrication
  • Polished edge acrylic fabrication
  • Decorative raster imaging (wood, plastic, metal)
  • Light metal machining (up to 8mm)
  • Surface mapping for parts with inconsistent thickness
  • Leather cutting
  • Fabric cutting
  • Wood machining

Laser Options

  • Full range of tables sizes (50”x50” to 84”x122”)
  • Full range of lasers (170 watt to 6000 watt)
  • Capacitive height heads for metal cutting
  • Vision systems for part orientation
  • Fume extraction systems

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