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MultiCam CNC Routers

MultiCam Southeast is the authorized MultiCam distributor for Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and eastern Tennessee.  Our customers prefer MultiCam CNC router tables because they are easy to use, feature-rich, competitively priced, built-to-order in Dallas, Texas, easy to service, and supported locally by our factory-trained technicians.  Thousands of happy customers use MultiCam CNC router tables…please call us if you are interested in investing in a CNC router!

MultiCam manufactures the popular space-saving moving gantry design CNC routers.  Each CNC router series is available in multiple sizes and can be outfitted with options that will customize the machine to meet your specific requirements.  Options include high-frequency spindles, tool changers, gang drills, vacuum tables, aggregate heads, saws, knives, digital print registration systems, and many more.

Here is a video overview of our best-selling Apex3R series router.

Here is a video overview of our Apex1R series router.

Looking for a digital finishing system / graphics cutting system that combines high-speed digital registration with powerful routing and knife cutting capabilities? All of our routers can be outfitted with digital registration systems and knife cutters, and we also offer a specialized line of high-speed digital finishing systems. Click here to check out our Digital Finishing Systems..

Router Applications

  • Sign and graphics fabrication
  • 3 dimensional (3D) machining (sign, plastics, wood, molds, etc.)
  • Cabinet making
  • Furniture, general woodworking manufacturing
  • Store fixture, display manufacturing
  • Sheet plastic fabrication
  • Solid surface machining
  • Non-ferrous sheet metal machining (aluminum, brass, copper, zinc)
  • Composite machining (graphite, phenolic, Kevlar, etc.)

Router Options

  • Full range of tables sizes (2’ X 2’ to 10’ X 60’+)
  • Vacuum tables/pumps for easy part fixturing
  • Wide range of spindle options ( 4HP to 20 HP)
  • Automatic tool change (ATC) spindles
  • Digital AC servo for high speed/acceleration cutting
  • Gang drills for in-line boring
  • C-axis to accept aggregates (horizontal machining)
  • Coolant mist systems for non-ferrous metal cutting
  • Vision systems for print registration compensation
  • Tangential knife cutters (drag , oscillating and ultrasonic)

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